Taecyeon speaks about 2PM’s absence from year-end ceremonies

Taecyeon shared some insight as to why 2PM decided not to attend any year-end ceremonies this year.

Taecyeon held an event to celebrate Christmas for his own brand, OkCat. As Taecyeon streamed the event live online, he also briefly talked about 2PM’s decision to not attend this year’s award ceremonies.

Taecyeon is due to enlist early this year, so 2PM’s attendance would have been one of their last as a group before they all get officially discharged from the military. He apologized for not attending and said, “Unfortunately, 2PM decided not to participate in the end-of-year music awards. It’s going to take a long time for us to show ourselves to you. It’s very disappointing.”

However, he promised fans that if he and the rest of the members get together for New Year’s Eve, they will do an online event.

This year, 2PM released their sixth studio album, Gentlemen’s Game. The album was one of their last releases as a group before they enter the military. Taecyeon, one of the group’s oldest members, was confirmed to start his enlistment early next year.