Taehyun Doesn’t Need TXT To Clown His Height, He Can Do It Himself

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Since most of the members of TXT are on the tall side, it makes their shortest member Taehyun look even shorter than he is.

To be fair, anyone standing beside Big Hit Entertainment‘s tallest—Soobin and Hueningkai—would look pretty small.

Already used to being the shortest member and receiving all the jokes that came along with the title, Taehyun made lemonade out of lemons during one of their past fan signing events. One of the questions asked was who grew the tallest after the break.

Before anyone could answer, Taehyun had to speak his mind, “Guys. For this kind of question, don’t choose Hueningkai who’s already tall.” As the youngest, Hueningkai has been growing like a weed ever since they debuted. Because of that, Taehyun thought it fair to remove him from the equation.

Instead, he poked fun at himself: “Please pick someone like me and give me some hope.” Even if he hadn’t grown, he at least wanted to hear that he did.

The fact that Taehyun was not only confident enough to address it but make it unintentionally funny has everyone loving him even more than before. He can add comedian to his list of talents.