Taemin And EXO Kai’s Reactions To Each Others’ MAMA Performances Are Friendship Goals

Taemin and EXO Kai’s friendship goals were on point at the 2017 MAMA as they had the perfect reactions towards each others’ special stages!

When SHINee’s Taemin performed an intricate stunt for his solo stage, Kai completely zoned in as he never took his eyes off his BFF.

When Taemin continued onto “MOVE”, Kai was like a proud father watching his golden boy own the night!

He and Baekhyun couldn’t stop following Taemin’s dance moves!

Then when Kai held a special solo performance, it was Taemin’s turn to be the supportive father.

All throughout the night, Taemin was by Kai’s side as they shared secret whispers in each other’s ears.

And laughed as they danced along to some of the greatest performances by other artists.

The friendship between Kai and Taemin are true goals!

This clips prove that Kai and Taemin are perfect soulmates

Check out their full MAMA interaction below!