Taemin Has Many Different Personas When Talking About Food…And It’s Quite Hilarious

Taemin means business when it comes to food.

Taemin made a guest appearance on the YouTube channel 아빠안잔자 After_zzZ for an extreme ASMR episode.

| SM Entertainment

His mission was to create mini soaps while not going over a certain decibel. Every time he went over the decibel, he had to do a penalty.

While filming, he would also have to answer questions given to him. When asked about what his guilty pleasure was, he revealed that although he knows it’s not good for him, he can never get enough of eating gopchang (intestines). He loves beef small intestines, pork big intestines and especially pork skin!

Although he finished answering the question, he continued to get serious with this talk about food. “Why are all foods that taste good bad for you?”

He emphasizes the fact that he hates vegetables too. “Vegetables taste so bad!”

He got so worked up talking about it he got annoyed. “I am so annoyed!!”

He then went on to reveal some foods that he liked and disliked. Starting off with what he dislikes first, he hates cucumbers!

As for mint chocolate chip, this is a yes in his books.

 Cold soybean noodles is a favorite food for Taemin!

As for raisins, it’s a big fat no for him. “Please stop putting raisins in bread!!!”

Fans found it hilarious to see Taemin getting so worked up about the different types of food he likes and dislikes as he’s doing an ASMR show. To watch the full episode, click below!