Taemin Has Been Rocking The Same Coat For 3 Years…And We Can See Why

Honestly what can’t he rock though?

With the colder season upon us, celebrities and idols have brought out winter coats and jackets to add to their outfits.

Fans have seen Taemin wearing this coat for the past three years! Let’s take a look at his different outfit stylings with this coat throughout the years.


He was first seen wearing the coat with a simple striped shirt and black pants.


In 2019, he styled it with a turtleneck and jeans while rocking his pretty blonde hair.


Most recently, he returned to black hair and wore it with a simple white collared shirt and black pants.

It was revealed that this coat was a gift from a fan and it seemed like Taemin really liked it as he’s been wearing it for several years. Fans who saw the coat assumed that it was a super expensive luxury brand, but turns out it was a reasonably priced winter coat.

This coat is from the brand Leesle and costs 379,000 KRW ($~347.13 USD).

Fans and netizens alike felt that the coat was made for him and they could see why he continues to wear it each year. The fact that it was a gift from a fan and the simple design of the coat is enough reason to wear it over and over again!

Source: cafe daum