Taemin’s Body Transformation Shows Just How Much He’s Grown Throughout The Years

He’s grown up well.

Taemin debuted as the main dancer and vocalist of SHINee at the tender age of 14, making him one of the youngest idols to enter the industry even in present standards.

Fans are now reminiscing the early days of the group and how Taemin was much slimmer in his physique.


His facial features were more youthful and childlike.

He embodied the “cute younger guy” concept.

Fast forward over 10 years later, however, and Taemin has clearly grown into his looks!


He works out in the gym more often to bulk up.

And the results are clearly seen. His shoulders, for one, have broadened noticeably.

Taemin can be proud of his muscular physique from head to toe.

He went from child to man in the blink of an eye!

What a guy!