EXO Kai’s Baby Twin Is All Grown Up Now…And Just Look At Him

He’s changed a lot but some things still remain the same…

Baby Taeoh Kim was famous as EXO Kai‘s doppleganger ever since he won over viewers’ hearts on Oh My Baby.

Taeoh, also known by his English name Asher, is the son of actor Ricky Kim.


Ever since Taeoh was a baby, his features resembled Kai’s stunning visuals.


Just a few years later, Taeoh has grown up so fast!


He’s no longer a baby but a young boy!


It’s amazing how kids much grow within such a short time period.


He’s nearly as tall as his older sister!


But something’s remained the same…


He still looks so much like Kai!


Can you spot the difference?!


Not only is Taeoh growing up to look more like Kai, he’s becoming a professional dancer like him too! (… sort of.)


He’s undoubtably becoming just as athletic though!


He’s getting ready to steal the hearts of international noonas everywhere, much like Kai!


Such a happy mini-Kai! Fans can’t wait to see him grow up to be successful just like his doppleganger!