BIGBANG’s Taeyang Confesses To The Reason He Married His Wife In Documentary Trailer

The reason is so beautiful.

In the preview trailer for his documentary, Taeyang spoke about his love for his wife Min Hyorin and it is easily one of the most touching things you’ll hear all year.

Speaking on Min Hyorin, his first love and wife, Taeyang said:

Even till today, she is the only person that continuously changes me. And that change always makes me into a better, more solid person.


Source: YGTAEYANG/YouTube

He ultimately confessed that was why he decided to marry her, saying, “That’s why I decided to walk along with her for the rest of my life.

Source: YGTAEYANG/YouTube

It’s well-known that Min Hyorin is Taeyang’s first girlfriend and they’ve always been super open about how much they love each other, but it’s still wonderful to see that he’s still so incredibly in love with his wife.

Watch the trailer for the documentary below: