Taeyang Says He Wouldn’t Care To Look Even If CL Was Half Naked Infront Of Him

He doesn’t even think of CL as a girl.

Taeyang, CL, and Oh Hyuk took a trip to a nice villa in Gangneung.

Taeyang was in such a good mood that he was going away, he kept running around singing songs.

The villa was a three-story building with nice amenities and looked very spacious.

CL noticed something that was pretty unusual about the place. She went over to the middle of the living room to notice a big love jacuzzi in the middle of the living room.

When CL mentioned that it was such an odd place for a jacuzzi to be placed, Taeyang joked that he would not look, even if CL half naked in the tub, taking a bath.

When CL asked to clarify what he meant by that, Taeyang, being a goofball, played around, claiming that he loves to make fun of CL, who is more like a sister to him.