Taeyang has an older brother, and you might recognize him

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang has made a well-established name for himself over the years, but not many people know that his older brother is also working within the industry.

In spite of BIGBANG’s immense popularity, many fans are still learning various surprising facts about its members and the fame of Taeyang’s older brother is one of them. Taeyang’s older brother, Dong Hyun Bae, is five years older than him and is actually a fairly successful actor.

Hyun Bae made his acting debut in 2006 with the movie Love’s Greeting and has had considerable success since. He has also starred in dramas such as Age of Youth, Shut up: flower boy band, and Holy Land and has been gaining steady recognition for his talent.

Over the years, he’s made appearances on shows such as MBC‘s Radio Star, where he’s expressed his closeness to his brother and the rest of BIGBANG.

잠에서 깼다. 긴장되나 보다. #영화 #비정규직특수요원 #오늘 #개봉 #떨림

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He even spoke about living in his brother’s shadow, explaining that while he realizes he’ll probably never overtake Taeyang in terms of fame, he hopes he’ll at least be able to shake off the label of “Taeyang’s brother” and just simply be known as “actor Dong Hyun Bae”.