Taeyang Talks About Going To The Army In Recent Interview

Taeyang expressed that he doesn’t know when he will enlist in the military, and Koreans are responding with mixed feelings.

All Korean men are required to serve a compulsory military service before the age of 35 and most people enlist in the military in their early 20s.

Korean celebrities, however, often postpone their service and enlist in the military much later.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Donghae, Siwon and TVXQ!’s Yunho and Changmin all enlisted in the military together in 2015, when they were all around 30 years old.

Taeyang is 30 now and has been concerned about his impending 21-month military service.

He revealed that he is very worried that the 2017 world tour of BIGBANG may be the last time that the group can be together because of the long military enlistment period.

He is currently unsure when he will enlist in the military, so he stated that he would enlist “someday”.

Many Koreans are reacting negatively to Taeyang’s statement as rich men and celebrities sometimes try to find ways of becoming exempt from enlisting in the military.

Rapper MC Mong was once investigated for intentionally taking his teeth out to avoid enlisting in the military.

Worried that Taeyang might try to do the same thing, Korean netizens are voicing their concerns but it is, perhaps, prudent to reserve judgment and wait to see what happens. 

Source: Nate