Taeyeon Reveals Her Abs in an All-Round Flawless Airport Fashion

Taeyeon’s recent airport fashion was absolute perfection.

Taeyeon recently landed at Incheon International Airport following a schedule abroad, and she drew overwhelming attention with the airport fashion she flaunted that day.

On this day, Taeyeon arrived wearing a white crop top and baggy jeans.

What drew particular interest was how she tied up the shirt in order to show off her abs and gorgeous body line.

What highlighted Taeyeon’s thin waist, even more, was the baggy pants that seemed to have room left over.

In addition to the bold reveal, Taeyeon completed the flawless airport fashion with big sunglasses, a pattered tote, and a sweater tied around her shoulders.

Check out some more photos of Taeyeon’s stunning airport fashion below:

Source: Insight

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