This Is What Changed The Most About Taeyeon After Her Diet

While Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s beauty is unchanging, this feature was noticeably different after her diet.

During her starting years as a singer, she had noticeable baby fat in her cheeks and all over her face, giving her a youthful and adorable look. Fans have noticed, however, Taeyeon’s face has thinned out quite dramatically since her debut through a mixture of maturing and her strict diet. She has lost weight even in her jawline and achieved the “v-line” that so many people aspire to.

This effect is due to Taeyeon’s consistent hard work in maintaining her figure, which includes watching what she eats and diligently exercising. This doll-like look took years for even Taeyeon to achieve!

Check out Taeyeon’s subtle transformation below:

Taeyeon’s innocent baby face is so adorable!


Even shortly after the initial picture, fans can see the slight absence of baby fat.


It’s obvious that her figure has slimmed out quite a lot!



Taeyeon’s face has made quite the transformation from round and cute to slender and mature.

Source: Dispatch