Taeyeon Talks About The Possibility Of Dating And The Difficulties That Follow

The members suggested dating a foreigner and Taeyeon said:

During an episode of Girls For Rest, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon confessed to her member that she forgot what it’s like to be in a relationship.

“I think I forgot how to date.”

— Taeyeon


She confessed that the effort required of a relationship seems like a hassle to her now.

“Things like getting to know each other and contacting each other… It’s become a hassle.”

— Taeyeon


As much as she was growing tired of relationships, the life of an idol was so restricting that she didn’t have anyone to date!

“I haven’t been dating because it was tiring… It’s actually not that I didn’t date, there was no one to date.

How can we date even if we want to?”

— Taeyeon


Even so, Taeyeon still desires to find her special someone soon.

“It’s getting me flustered. If we want to find someone to date, we need a lot of time or find someone that we know really well so it doesn’t take too long.

I wonder how long I have to wait until I meet someone like that.”

— Taeyeon


When her members suggested dating a foreigner like the hot French chef she recently baked with, Taeyeon said it wouldn’t work out because of language barriers.

“We don’t speak the same language, we won’t be able to communicate.”

— Taeyeon


Hopefully, the talented queen will find her special someone soon and learn to love again!


Watch Taeyeon and the Girls’ Generation members talk about dating (starts at 5:20):

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