Taeyeon Once Cried Because She Thought Yuri Was Possessed By A Demon

Girls’ Generation’s spooky prank scares Taeyeon!

In 2009, Girls’ Generation played a frightening prank on Taeyeon that made her burst into tears; she thought Yuri needed an exorcism!


The spooky hidden-camera prank took place during Episode 1 of Girls’ Generation’s Horror Movie Factory, a show that involved giving the members acting lessons, and testing their acting abilities.


The first “test” involved Yuri and Taeyeon. Yuri’s job was to make her unsuspecting bandmate believe that a demon had possessed her!


The prank began with a series of unnerving incidents to set Taeyeon on edge, such as a local man warning Girls’ Generation to leave…


…and a lightbulb suddenly bursting!


Tiffany, Jessica, Seohyun and Sunny then went off on a mission in the woods near the supposedly “haunted” house. The girls soon ran back to the rest of their group, screaming in fright.

Their acting skills were superb!


Now that the scary mood was set, it was time for the main event! Taeyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and a well-known spiritual expert went off to pay the haunted house a visit.


Earlier on, the expert had mentioned that people with “weak energy”, like Yuri, were more likely to become demon-possessed.


He brought a bag full of items to ward off spirits, like red beans and charms…just in case.


Like a graveyard fog, the mood grew more ominous as the group wandered the house. Then Yuri suddenly collapsed!


She became “possessed” by the ghost of a young child!


Taeyeon normally doesn’t get scared easily, but as she helped perform rituals to “save” Yuri, she began to cry!


The final fright came when Yuri began to attack a wall…


…and a cast member burst through it!


It took a lot of work to scare Taeyeon, but Yuri’s acting skills paid off in the end!


Watch the full episode here!

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