Taeyeon hears TWICE “TT” in convenience store and can’t control herself

Taeyeon proved she’s actually a ONCE!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon couldn’t help but show her playful, childlike self when TWICE’s “TT” started playing when she went shopping.


Taeyeon once uploaded two adorable videos of herself dancing along to TWICE’s hit song “TT” as it began to play in a convenience store. The videos showed her dancing along to the song and even mouthing the lyrics. She just couldn’t contain her happiness!

“Just like TaeTae!”

— Taeyeon


And even better than Taeyon’s excitement over hearing TWICE’s song? Her adorable reaction to the other customers catching her mid-dance!

“The convenience store worker talked to me when I was high with energy. #SorryButWeAreOutOfStockOnThatItem… #ok.”

— Taeyeon

The iconic moment has gone down in history and is one that every ONCE loves very much!

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