Taeyeon Fighting A Claw Machine Is The Most Relatable Thing You’ll See Today

She’s hilarious 😂

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently made a comeback with the beautiful song “What Do I Call You”.

During the making of the music video, she brought laughs with her attempts to win at a claw machine game. You would have never guessed from the music video alone how much she struggled!

The very first time she played, she was able to win an ostrich. The joy on her face was practically palpable.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to win a cute little panda. In her frustration, she hilariously “punched” the claw machine, hurting herself a bit in the process.

She eventually received help from a staff member who advised that she wait until the shaking stopped before she made her move. Win or lose, she obviously had a ton of fun.

In the end, she was also able to win a penguin, koala, and elephant—all of which are extremely adorable!

Catch more of Taeyeon in the full video below.


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