Taeyeon Confesses That Dancing in Heels for 10 Years Severely Strained Her Knees

Taeyeon opened up about the negative impact her time with Girls’ Generation had on her body.

In an upcoming episode of JTBC’s Begin Again 3, Taeyeon opens up about the hardship she faced as a result of dancing in heels for 10 years as a Girls’ Generation member.

On the second morning in Berlin, Taeyeon did some stretching exercises and showed off her impressive flexibility.

After finishing off her exercises, she headed over to the table where Paul Kim and Kim Hyun Woo were sitting talking about how tiring it was to go busking.

That’s when Taeyeon confessed, “As a result of dancing in heels a lot for 10 years, my knees have become really strained.

When Kim Hyun Woo heard this, he mentioned the Girls’ Generation song with the hardest choreography, “Catch Me If You Can”, to which Taeyeon remarked, “The choreography for that song is super hard.

Here’s hoping Taeyeon has recovered well and is continuing to take good care of her health!


Source: Dispatch