Taeyeon Shows Love For Hyeri On Instagram And Boasts The Sisterhood Is Still Strong

Fans love the interaction!

The world of K-Pop was excited when Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri became friends. And when Taeyeon commented on Hyeri’s recent Instagram post, fans were even more thrilled to know their friendship is still strong!


Hyeri shared a picture of herself posing at her photoshoot for the beer brand Tsingtao. In the caption, she explained that she was aiming for a “behind-the-scene” type candid shot but ended up with a “thirsty-for-more-beer” shot.

I wanted this to be a ‘Lee Hyeri Update’ or a ‘Behind-The-Scenes at Hyeri’s Photoshoot’… Or even a vlog… but I ended up with another ‘Mukbang’ LOL.

— Hyeri


And to the disappointed Hyeri, Taeyeon left an encouraging comment:

You’re beautiful when you eat though.

— Taeyeon


And fans can’t agree enough! Looks like Taeyeon is also a fan of her friend’s viral mukbangs and supports Hyeri eating her way around the world!

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