Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Once Admitted She Was Jealous Of Seohyun’s “Husband”, Here’s What Happened

Taeyeon revealed that he would’ve made her “heart flutter”

If you were a fan of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon from her debut, you most likely remember when she married Jung Hyung Don, also known as Doni, on the television program, We Got Married.

Within the popular showtwo K-Celebrities would fictionally live together as newly wedded couples. During We Got Married‘s first season, Taeyeon was paired with comedian Jung Hyung Don.

Taeyeon (left) and Jung Hyung Don (right) during the shooting of We Got Married.

Later in the show’s second season, Taeyeon’s fellow Girls’ Generation member Seohyun was set to marry CNBLUE’s Yong-Hwa (also known as Yong Hwa). Though Taeyeon enjoyed her time on the show married to the comedian, she later revealed she was jealous of Seohyun.

On December 8, 2011, Taeyeon made an appearance on Beatle’s Code where she shared to viewers that her and Seohyun’s husbands “were so different” and that she was jealous.

Taeyeon made clear that it was not anything against Jung Hyung Don personally, she merely disliked the age difference.

I was jealous because she was able to star with someone at her age. That would have at least made my heart flutter every now and then.

– Taeyeon

When asked if her heart ever fluttered for her TV husband she answered: “It’s totally a variety show.”

Seohyun added to the conversation that Taeyeon constantly commented that though the two grooms share the same last name, they are so different in personality and, of course, age.

Many fans were saddened by Taeyeon’s chosen partner, especially after Yong-Hwa’s announcement on an episode of Win Win. During Yong-Hwa’s appearance on the show, he shared to the audience that he “originally is a Taeyeon fan” but due to his fake TV marriage, he became a bigger Seohyun fan.

Many fans of Taeyeon also sympathized with the idol and her pretend marriage; however, things appeared to work out in the end.

Since the program’s end, Taeyeon and Yong-Hwa reunited on the Chinese TV series Take Care of My Fridge. After the airing of the episode, numerous viewers commented on how the two idols looked good together. GOT7’s Jackson took a quick selfie with the two at the shooting.

Taeyeon even reconnected with her fake husband Jung Hyung Don on Weekly Idol and they addressed each other by their couple nickname (Pudding Jelly Couple). The two clearly look back at their time as nothing but fun and happy memories.

Jung Hyung Don (left) and Taeyeon (right) during the shooting of Weekly Idol


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