Taeyeon Leaves Heartfelt Message on Jonghyun’s Final Instagram Post

In remembrance of Kim Jonghyun.

Taeyeon recently expressed her longing for her dear friend Jonghyun by leaving a message for him on his final Instagram post.

His final post was a screenshot of Dear Cloud‘s “Beside You” and he captioned the photo, “I pray that you don’t feel pain.

And just today, Taeyeon left a comment on the post that reads, “I miss you a lot, Jonghyun.

The two idols were very close friends under the same entertainment label, SM Entertainment and even collaborated with songs such as “BREATH” and “LONELY”.

So when Jonghyun unexpectedly passed away on December 18, 2017, Taeyeon posted a message on her official Instagram account that read, “You were the most unique and talented artist I ever met. I miss you very much and want to hold your hand. Jonghyun, you’re the best. You worked really hard. I’ll make sure you’re not lonely.

And when the first anniversary came around, Taeyeon posted a photo of them together on her official Instagram account.

Taeyeon’s heartfelt remembrance is making fans everywhere feel touched by their loving friendship.

Source: Dispatch