Taeyeon latest BEAUTY+ photoshoot is so fancy you’ll need a monocle

BEAUTY+ Magazine‘s latest issue featured Taeyeon and the pictures are breathtaking.

BEAUTY+ Magazine‘s photo shoot took place in Madrid, Spain, where the classic architecture perfectly complemented Taeyeon’s elegance and more conservative, retro style. The clothes chosen for the photo shoot are a far cry from her regular outfits and are a perfect match for the grand, ornate scenery.


Take a look at Taeyeon’s photoshoot:

Taeyeon looks radiant in this classy outfit.

Nothing says elegance and style like a lace dress with a big bow.

This heavy trenchcoat combined with the light and frilly dress makes for a tantalizing combo.

Taeyeon looks so graceful in this over-sized sweater and long frilly dress; she really looks like she belongs in the scene.

Taeyeon looks like she could fit right in with the Spanish aristocracy in this elegant, frilly outfit.

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