Taeyeon’s Little Sister Blesses Everybody’s Ears with a Cover of Her Big Sister’s New Song

Hayeon put her own twist on her big sister, Taeyeon’s song.

Taeyeon‘s little sister, Hayeon recently uploaded a cover of Taeyeon’s “All About You” through the YouTube channel, Conveyer Sounds, and it’s an absolute treat, to say the least.

The song was recently released for the tvN drama, Hotel Del Luna, and it received a lot of attention for how beautifully Taeyeon sang it.

It received so much love that it hit number one on the music charts as soon as it was released, and even Taeyeon’s little sister did a cover of it and put her own twist on it with her distinct voice.

She sang it with all of the emotions necessary and showed off her gorgeous voice that sounds similar to that of Taeyeon while also being very different.

What’s for certain is that Hayeon has the voice of an angel and a gift that must do her big sister proud.

Check out Hayeon’s cover of Taeyeon’s “All About You” below:

Original Version:

Source: Dispatch