Taeyeon’s Little Sister Covers IU’s “BBIBBI” with Her Very Different Voice

They may look alike, but their voices are very different.

Taeyeon‘s little sister has been known for quite some time now ever since she entered SM Entertainment in 2015, which is also Taeyeon’s company.

Her name is Hayeon, and her cover of IU‘s “BBIBBI” was uploaded to the YouTube channel, “Conveyor Sounds” last October.

In the video, Hayeon is seen singing the song in a pure voice that sounds lighter and cuter than that of her big sister, Taeyeon. Many would agree that Taeyeon has a more powerful voice in comparison.

What surprised the viewers is how beautiful and stable her singing is while also being very different from her sister’s. Her facial expression was natural as well, which proves how much she’s been improving while training with SM Entertainment.

And this isn’t the only cover Hayeon has done. She has also released covers of famous groups such as BTS and TWICE on YouTube and fed her fans’ anticipation as they wait for her to debut.

Check out Hayeon’s cover of IU’s “BBIBBI” below:

Source: Insight