“Taeyeon look-alike” policewoman prettier than the real Taeyeon?

Netizens rave over a “Taeyeon look-alike” policewoman who appeared on the TV variety program, Same Bed Different Dreams.

A police lieutenant, who is known to look incredibly similar to Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, appeared on the latest episode of Same Bed Different Dreams. She previously went viral on Korean SNS channels due to her beautiful appearance as well as her job as a police officer.

Lieutenant Park Yeri appeared as a guest on the program and host Yoo Jaesuk introduced her by saying “she is referred to in the police department as Taeyeon.” A photo comparing lieutenant Park and Taeyeon surprised guests on the showing similar hairstyles and facial features.

[ +1,237 / -85] She is pretty

[ +1,220 / -221] She is better

[ +1,194 / -223] She is actually prettier than Taeyeon

[ +82 / -10] Woah… That face and she also graduated from Kyungpook National University….. That is amazing

[ +75  / -6] She has a star

[ +61 / -43] To be honest, she is better than Taeyeon

Source: Newsen