This is how Taeyeon reacted when she realized Tiffany was filming her in secret

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany just couldn’t resist filming the “behind-the-scenes” of Taeyeon’s Snapchat post!

Taeyeon is widely known to be adorable and bubbly even off-screen. She frequently plays around with the Snapchat filters and shares clips with her fans. Tiffany managed to catch her in the act – and posted Taeyeon’s efforts on her own Snapchat!

Tiffany snickered as she recorded her fellow member acting silly with her phone. When Taeyeon realized she was being secretly filmed, she burst into her famous ahjumma laugh out of pure embarrassment.

The duo is known to have a playful friendship, and are always trying to show their love for one another. It’s clear to see that the two are very close, and are sharing these candid moments revealing their true personality. Thanks to Tiffany’s mischievous antics, fans can see what Taeyeon is truly like without the filters!

Check out the hilarious sneaky video below!