Camera captures the moment Taeyeon realizes how many members SEVENTEEN has

Taeyeon was caught on camera in the moment when she realized how large of a group SEVENTEEN really is.

Girls’ Generation had many members back in the day, but there are groups with many more members now.

Taeyeon and SEVENTEEN both attended the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards. A fancam was able to capture a rare interaction between her and the rookie group, as it was the first Taeyeon had seen them up close in person.

SEVENTEEN as the junior group can be seen greeting Taeyeon as they pass her.

More members pass by.

And then more.

They keep on coming.

Taeyeonhoho there are more than I thought (moves over to make room)

Seungkwan: (awkward) (total senior, doesn’t know what to do)

Taeyeon: (askward) (total junior, doesn’t know what to do)

Taeyeon“There aren’t any more members… right?”

Seungkwan: “There’s one more… haha”

Taeyeon: “Omo”

She offers to move to make room for the remaining members and goes to sit next to Ailee.

What an adorable interaction between a senior and her juniors.