Taeyeon and Red Velvet’s Irene Have Exactly The Same Laugh

Taeyeon and Red Velvet‘s Irene already have so much in common but fans have spotted a quirky habit of theirs that’s the most adorable one yet!

The girls both seem to have an adorable way of laughing that’s ridiculously contagious. Both Taeyeon and Irene laugh in a way that’s totally opposite of their normal cute and very girly personas. Fans took notice and put together some hilarious compilations of the two!

Watch Irene’s Laughing Compilation:

Coincidentally, Irene’s laugh is very similar to Taeyeon‘s. This isn’t the first time that the two artists have been compared. In the past, photos that show how similar Taeyeon and Irene look went viral as well.

It seems like these videos of the two artists sharing a similar laugh is only pushing fans further into falling in love with both of them!

Watch Taeyeon’s laugh Compilation:

It’s hard to pick who’s more cute.. but there one thing for certain: the two are definitely alike!