Taeyeon Shares What Her Girls’ Generation Sisterhood Means To Her

“They’re always going to be my forevers.”

In a recent interview, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon discussed the month of August – a special time for her and the fellow Girls’ Generation members. She also shared how, over a decade since debut, the group has become her BFFs and what the sisterhood has come to mean for her.


Taeyeon pointed out that August of each year, Girls’ Generation members come together to celebrate not only Tiffany‘s birthday, but also their debut anniversary too.

Starting in July, the members and I are busy talking about what we want to do to celebrate. This year, we got together to order our favorite foods, eat, and talk all day.

— Taeyeon


For Taeyeon, it means a lot to have the Girls’ Generation members by her side to do this with every year. She referred to hem as her “friends forever” and said the sisterhood is her support system when things get rough for her.

The members are like my best friends now. They’re always going to be my forevers. Sometimes when things get hard for me, working in this industry, my sisters become my comfort and encouragement.

— Taeyeon


And while over the years Girls’ Generation members all moved on with their lives away from the group and began expanding their careers in other aspects off the stage, Taeyeon knows they remain absolutely supportive of each others’ endeavors.

It makes me happy and proud to see all the members doing their best where they are… I’m sure they all feel the same way I do.

— Taeyeon


Fans are touched to hear that the members, though they have not promoted as a group in a while, are pretty set on staying together forever, strong and inseparable. With such an unbreakable sisterhood, Girls’ Generation members most definitely got each other’s backs no matter what comes their way!

Source: Xports News

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