Taeyeon Opens up About the Conflicting Feeling of Turning 30 Years Old

“I don’t know if what I’m doing is right.”

Taeyeon recently attended Yoon Jong Shin and Bean Pole’s music event called “Now Thirty” at Stradeum in Itaewon which celebrated their 30th anniversary in the industry.

As someone who also turned 30 this year, Taeyeon opened up about the pressure and confusing feelings that followed her entrance into a new decade.

Taeyeon shared, “I just turned 30. I know I shouldn’t say this in front of my superior, but I just feel more motivated to take better care of my body so that I can continue to make music for everyone.” She also added, “Since I’m different from when I danced with SNSD, I have to take care of my voice, too.

In response, Yoon Jong Shin, who’s turning 50 this year, said she’s just being a baby about it and explained, “30 is when life truly begins. That’s your prime. I think Taeyeon is truly amazing.

Taeyeon opened up further by saying, “I’m a little confused these days. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right since it’s different from what I imagined. I have a lot of confusing thoughts, but hearing what my superior just said gives me a lot more courage.