Taeyeon’s New Piercing Is Getting a Lot of Love for How Much Swag It Brings to Her Overall Look

It brings both maturity and swag to Taeyeon’s already gorgeous look.

A recent online post titled, “Taeyeon with a Nose Piercing” has been gaining a lot of attention for how stunningly mature she’s been looking these days.

The post consists of recent photos taken of the idol, and what stands out the most is the nose piercing that she hasn’t been seen with previously.

The small stud on the side of Taeyeon‘s nose not only adds swag to her look, but it also gives her a mystical vibe that truly suits her.

What makes this piercing look even more impactful is the vibrant hair color she’s been flaunting with it.

She has yet to confirm if this piercing is real or not, but it’s hard not to admire the elegance and radiance she gives off with such a simple piercing.

Check out some more photos of Taeyeon’s new look below:

Source: Insight