Taeyeon’s Graduation Photos Show She Was Always Adorable

With the recent release of her first solo album, Taeyeon‘s graduation photos from elementary, middle, and high school are resurfacing.

Taeyeon’s graduation photos from her school days have been shared across multiple online communities with the recent release of her first solo album, Fine.

Netizens have found that Taeyeon has hardly changed at all over the years, and that her facial features simply matured as she grew older. Her rigorous training, diet, and care also helped her maintain her adorable looks as well as enhance her original beauty.

When she was in elementary school, Taeyeon had a baby face with chubby cheeks, and as she entered middle school, her cheeks slowly started shrinking. Finally in high school, she had lost all of her baby fat, and was more similar to the way she looked today.

Check out the photos below!

Source: Dispatch