Taeyeon’s “Revealing” Sweater Catches Fans By Surprise

Generally, Taeyeon dresses fashionably, yet conservatively. But in Taeyeon’s recent Instagram updates one photo, in particular, caught fans eyes.

Prior to Taeyeon’s release of “11:11,” Taeyeon shared several photos to her Instagram page revolving around her comeback concept. She was seen with a longer, darker hairstyle, sporting stylish sweaters in a very melancholy atmosphere.

11:11 오늘밤티져나와

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A gorgeous autumn/winter look

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What a cosy looking sweater!


A photo posted by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on

This designer wool sweater, fashioned with intricate cutout designs, easily stands out among the rest. Once again Taeyeon shows her love for high fashion and wears this piece like it was meant for her. Stunning!

Source: Instagram