Taeyeon’s sexy short skirt photoshoot

Taeyeon was featured in the latest edition of High Cut magazine and she is outrageously stunning.

In order to promote her first full-length album, My Voice, Taeyeon posed for High Cut magazine and is even featured on the cover of the latest issue. Taeyeon rocks romantic-chic outfits and sporty sneakers for the photo shoot and is wearing a skirt for all of her different outfits. The photo shoot featured solid color backgrounds that kept the focus right on Taeyeon herself, while the atmosphere gave off an air of innocence.

Check out Taeyeon’s radiant photo shoot below:

Taeyeon’s open-back dress highlights her slim figure and flawless skin.

This black leather skirt with its high slit perfectly showcases Taeyeon’s slender legs.

Taeyeon is positively glowing in this all-white number and its short skirt.

This oversized boyfriend shirt and sparkly skirt make Taeyeon look petite and cute.