Taeyong Pulls Off Red Lipstick Way Too Well In NCT 127’s Latest Video With Allure

NCTzens should be thanking Allure right about now.

NCT 127 partook in Allure‘s famous [Celebrity] Tries 9 Things [They’ve] Never Done Before YouTube series, and while the boys were all charming and funny, Taeyong stole the show after making one unexpected move.

One of the tasks the boys had to try was writing their group name on the wall in red lipstick. After Taeyong and Doyoung were finished, Taeyong decided he knew just what the drawing needed to be fully complete: a lipstick kiss from himself.

Taeyong said “I’m loose” right before going in for the kill


Much to Doyoung’s horror Taeyong begins to smear his mouth with the lipstick while telling the staff to “wait a second”. He then walks over to the drawing and plants a big, fat, red kiss right in the middle of the “C”.


He and Doyoung then pose confidently next to their now perfect drawing.

The comment section on the video overflowed with NCTzens who were absolutely shook by the scene.

No one:

Absolutely no one:

Taeyong: “Hold on a second, I’m loose” kisses canvas

– Youtube: Jocelyn Ramirez

Taeyong sayin “wait a second” while putting lipstick. That really got me.

YouTube: wolfjules

Taeyong in red lipstick is what the world didn’t know it needed. Watch all of the boys’ shenanigans and firsts in the full video below: