These Taiwanese Bubble Tea Girls Are Gaining Attention For Their “Business Strategy”

This witty bubble tea shop is using boba‘s dual meaning to boost their sales and create an aesthetically pleasing experience for the customers.

Bubble tea has become a hot item all on its own and its popularity has reached all corners of the globe. Many have found interesting ways to market the delicious drink and try to make their store stand out as much as possible, but this Taiwanese bubble tea shop takes the cake (or the tea) on this one!

This Taiwanese bubble tea shop honed in on two aesthetic trends in order to bring in customers. The first is the uniquely styled, light bulb cups.

These bubble tea geniuses found a way to stand out amongst so many other competing stores.

The tea looks amazing.

The store’s second strategy was getting beautiful girls to sell their drinks. Boba can be translated to mean the tapioca pearls in bubble tea, but the word typically refers to a woman’s chest. This is why the women selling this tea are known to be the boba ladies.

A+ business plan.

Who wouldn’t want these pretty ladies making their tea?

Boba girl drinking boba tea.

Taiwan is the birthplace of bubble tea, so the competition there is extremely high and companies are always looking for a way to boost their business. It appears this store has struck gold.