The Family Of Taiwanese Women Who Stopped Aging

They are all in their 40s!

While aging is a natural part of life, there’s no denying that people will often try to reverse its effects as they grow older. As such, netizens are often mystified by those who defy the aging process and look young, naturally or through other means.

This can be said about Lure Hsu, a 48-year-old woman from Taiwan who went viral for looking like a teenager.

Lure Hsu | @lurehsu/Instagram
| @lurehsu/Instagram

The established career woman owns her clothing brand and seems to have unlocked the secrets to looking young forever.

It should surprise no one that the rest of her family are just as youthful-looking!

Lure has two sisters — Sharon and Fayfay. Fayfay is 47 years old and is an influencer on Instagram. Like Lure, her page is filled with photos of herself that make you wonder how she could be nearly fifty!

| @hsufayfay/Instagram
| @hsufayfay/Instagram

She occasionally shares photos of her two daughters, lucky enough to be born into a family with such great genes!

Sharon, on the other hand, is an actress and singer and is 41 years old.

| @sharon701111/Instagram
| @sharon701111/Instagram

The actress got married last year and has since given birth to a beautiful baby girl!

The three sisters often share photos together, usually with their brother and father, on various celebrations, including Lure’s recent birthday.

| @hsufayfay/Instagram

And while there are no recent photos of the women with their mother, she also looked unbelievably young when the family was discovered. In the photo below, their mother was 63 years old!

Sharon (left), Lure (right) and their mother (center).

The advice the sisters offer is to consume many vegetables and drink a lot of water, something a little ironic since one of the items Sharon’s shop sells is water.

If it will keep us looking that young, we’d like to make a huge order!