Take A Look At ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s Other Great Talent: Figure Skating

Besides singing and dancing, he’s also a talented figure skater.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon is a lot of things at once. He’s a graceful and powerful dancer…

…he’s a capable vocalist…

…and he’s a visual through and through.

Besides being considered an all-rounder in the idol community, he’s also well known for his other talent: figure skating.

He was the talk of the town in the beginning of I-Land when it was revealed that he used to be a competitive figure skater.

He was famous in both the Korean and international skating community. From 2015-2016, he won two advanced novice competitions, the Asian Trophy and Lombardia Trophy.

It’s easy to see why he had such a successful athletic career. When it comes to jumps, he can jump high.

When it comes to technique, he always deserves a podium finish.

And when it comes to looking like a prince while gliding on ice, he’s the best of the best!

Before he gave up his figure skating career to focus on being an idol, Sunghoon was a senior level skater who ranked seventh in the 2020 South Korean Championships.

Figure skating is a sport that matches Sunghoon perfectly. His gracefulness, power, and visuals all combined together to form the ideal ice skating candidate.

He’s definitely multi-talented!

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