Take A Look Inside The Prestigious “Nine One Hannam” Complex — One Of The Most Expensive Housing In Korea Right Now

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Hannam-dong in central Seoul, nestled right by the city-piercing Han River, is an affluent neighborhood, to say the least. Its prime location, being surrounded by the river and the Namsam mountain, has fueled the neighborhood’s development into “Korea’s Beverly Hills“.

Hannam-dong in Seoul. | Naver Maps

Many Korean celebrities, including K-Pop stars like BTS and EXO, live in this neighborhood — where river-view units in high-security apartment complexes like “Hannam The Hill” are sold at millions of dollars.

Hannam The Hill complex in Hannam-dong.

As of 2020 though, a newly constructed complex in Hannam-dong, by the name of “Nine One Hannam”, has throned itself “the most expensive housing in Korea“.

Nine One Hannam complex’s entrance. | ygosu

Comprised of nine buildings, each five stories high above ground level, this 341-unit complex is considered pretty much a “fortress in the middle of the city“. Guarded with an intense four-step verification system, the Nine One Hannam complex provides maximum security to celebrities who seek complete privacy.

Nine One Hannam complex across the street from Hannam The Hill complex. 

The complex features unrivaled amenities, like its own trekking path and central park…

Common grounds inside Nine One Hannam. | 91hannam

… a gym, a basketball court, and a golf course…

| Jungeunjoo LivingTV/YouTube 

… a market, a restaurant, and a swimming pool…

| Jungeunjoo LivingTV/YouTube 

… as well as other convenient areas, like a lounge for daily breakfast served by hotel chefs…

| Jungeunjoo LivingTV/YouTube 

… a personal bike parking lot…

| Jungeunjoo LivingTV/YouTube 

… and a luxurious party room for larger gatherings.

| Jungeunjoo LivingTV/YouTube 

Inside the units, Nine One Hannam boasts high ceilings and spacious rooms — with the coziest floor plan still offering over 2600 square feet of pure space.

Entrance | Livingsense

Livingroom | Livingsense

Kitchen | Livingsense

Master bedroom | Livingsense 

The more popular penthouse unit of 3200 square feet in size, like the one G-Dragon owns, costs a hefty ₩9,000,000,000 KRW($7,551,951 USD).

As its most recent superstar resident, Nine One Hannam welcomed actor Lee Jong Suk inside its gates.

Need a tour? Watch this video for an insider’s look:

Source: 29STREET, SM Lounge, Hankyung and Naver Post