BTS’s Picture Made “Sky Castle” Actress Yum Jung Ah Scream

She couldn’t help herself at all!

Yum Jung Ah has been an actress for over 30 years. Her most prominent films include A Tale of Two Sisters, which has since been remade in the English language, Cart, where she shared the screen with EXO member Doh Kyung-soo, and in 2018 she starred in the famous K-Drama Sky Castle.

Actress Yum Jung Ah in the K-Drama Sky Castle | Netflix

Although she’s well respected by her peers and admired by up-and-coming talents, it seems like even she is not immune to the charms of the mega K-Pop boy group BTS.

K-Pop Boy Group BTS | Spotify

Yum Jung Ah certified her ARMY status when, in a game wherein she and some fellow actors had to identify other celebrities from their pictures, she couldn’t help but stand and scream when she saw BTS’s photo.

| 채널 십오야/YouTube 

It’s almost normal at this point to see people fawn over BTS, but to see it from such a well-respected actress is really something else! Yum Jung Ah even recalled that when BTS played the same game, Jin failed to recognize her!

BTS’s Jin | Run BTS!/V LIVE

Thankfully she wasn’t too upset since remembered her name shortly after.


Hopefully, they are able to meet each other soon!

Watch the full episode of The Game Caterers 2 featuring Yum Jung Ah and her fellow actors and actresses below.