Talented Artists Are Taking To Twitter To Join The “Discography As Planets” Trend

Dreamcatcher’s galaxy is different from what you might expect!

Twitter is a hub for K-Pop fans to create content celebrating their favorite artists, and recently, a new trend has taken the site by storm.

Talented artists and editors have started creating a “discography as planets” trend in which they represent a K-Pop group or soloist’s discography as planets, inspired by album design.

This trend serves not only as a way for talented artists to get recognition, but many fans have started using the designs as phone lock screens, a subtle way to broadcast their favorite K-Pop artists.

Fans are also enjoying guessing which album each planet is supposed to represent and deciding which of the planets from their favorite groups they would most want to live on.

Here are just some of the beautiful galaxies created by these artistic fans:


BTS‘s galaxy is filled with beautiful colors, just as their albums are full of diverse and meaningful music. Their stunning galaxy helps exemplify just part of the reason their fans are so grateful for their music.


TXT‘s galaxy may be smaller than their brother group’s, BTS, but you can still see the amount of variety of music the talented group already has put out.


Aespa‘s galaxy may be small for now, but it is certainly vibrant and beautiful.

Super Junior

As expected for a group that debuted in 2005, Super Junior‘s discography is expansive and diverse, showcasing a wide variety of planets.


B.A.P‘s galaxy shows the specific kind of powerful, intense concept that B.A.P members perfected over the years.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet‘s discography is known for alternating between two concepts. Their “red” cheerful, cute concepts and their “velvet” dark, mature concepts. So it makes perfect sense that their discography had to be split into two edits, filled with a wide variety of styled planets.


It is only expected that ASTRO‘s galaxy would be diverse and beautiful as the group has heavily relied on bright color schemes for their concepts.


ATEEZ‘s galaxy is as bright and intense as the members are when they take to the stage, giving their all for every performance of any of their songs no matter the concept.


AleXa‘s fans are lucky with how hardworking the soloist has been in putting out such a wide range of wonderful songs, making equally beautiful and wonderful planets, for them to enjoy.


ENHYPEN‘s galaxy is relatively small, for now, but the already existing planets boast so many different concepts and styles that fans will always be left wondering what sort of style the group will tackle next.


No one could expect TWICE‘s galaxy to be anything but bright and beautiful. Their planets are full of alluring colors just like their songs.


GOT7‘s galaxy is filled with colorful, intense planets that, despite their variety in color, all blend together to make an incredible discography.


With the amazing music (G)I-DLE puts out for fans, their galaxy is of course stunning and full of uniquely styled planets.


Of course, BLACKPINK‘s galaxy is filled with black and pink colors and yet all of their planets, like all of their songs, have their own style and concept that compliment each other perfectly.


Although Dreamcatcher mostly focuses on intense, nightmare-type concepts, their planets are remarkably beautiful and even boast some vibrant colors.


ITZY‘s galaxy will only grow with time, but already you can see their impressive range as all of their planets are astoundingly unique.

Stray Kids

Stray Kids‘ galaxy is filled with incredibly unique planets that perfectly describe their willingness to experiment with different styles and sounds in the music that they create.


Soloist BIBI‘s galaxy is already filled with colorful planets that will only get more unique and diverse as the artist continues to release new trendsetting music.

There are, of course, many more of these galaxies found on Twitter, and all of them are personalized to idols they represent.

Which galaxy would you most want to live in?