Can You Guess How Tall NCT’s Sungchan And Jisung Really Are? Here Are Their Actual Heights

They’re both very tall!

Can you guess how tall NCT’s Sungchan and Jisung are?

NCT’s Sungchan (left) and Jisung (right) | NCT/YouTube

Jisung and Sungchan appeared on the latest episode of Jungwoo and Mark‘s Show! EuMARKJUNGSIM, a fictional music show on NCT’s YouTube channel to promote NCT 2021. They were in a fictional group called Mureokmureokz (Keep Growingz) with Jungwoo.

During Mureokmureokz’s interview with Mark, Jungwoo revealed that Sungchan was the tallest member of the fictional group.

Mark asked how tall Sungchan is, and Sungchan revealed that he was 184.8 cm (approximately 6’1) the last time he checked!

Jungwoo and Jisung weren’t sure which one of them was the next tallest, so they compared their heights. Sungchan and Mark said Jungwoo was a bit taller than Jisung after they compared their heights.

To make sure Sungchan and Jisung’s were accurate, the members measured each other. Sungchan was measured first, and Jungwoo said his exact height was 184.7 cm (approximately 6’1).

Jisung’s height was exactly 180 cm (approximately 5’11).

Jisung said he hoped to grow another 2 centimeters, and his height may change sometime in the future!

Check out the full video below!