Here Are The 22 Tallest Girl Group Members In K-Pop

Their legs alone are taller than some people.

The entertainment world often likes to give emphasis to the tall and beautiful. With the average height of Korean females being around 162.56 cm or 5′ 4″, those that go higher than this are singled out at least once. Here are some idols who rank the tallest in their groups and in the entire K-Pop scene at the moment.

(G)-IdleMinnie (164cm)

Oh My Girl – Jiho (165cm)

DIA Somi (167cm)

Red Velvet – Joy (167cm)

BLACKPINK Rosé (168cm)

Lovelyz – Sujeong (168cm)

Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon (168cm)

ITZY Yuna (169cm)

APRIL Jinsol (169cm)

IZ*ONE Wonyoung (169cm)

IZ*ONE Yujin (169cm)

fromis_9 Chaeyoung (169cm)

Cosmic Girls Eunseo (169cm)

Apink – Hayoung (169cm)

TWICE Tzuyu (170cm)

Momoland Yeonwoo (170cm)

CLC – Eunbin (171cm)

GFRIEND – Sowon (172cm)

Gugudan Soyee (172cm)

AOA – Hyejeong (172cm)

Girl’s Generation – Sooyoung (172cm)

Weki Meki Doyeon (173cm)



Source: theqoo