Tamagotchis are back for their 20th Anniversary

Bandai has re-released their incredibly popular Tamagotchi, and made every ’90s kid’s dreams come true.

The Tamagotchi is a pocket-sized device that allows you to take care of a virtual pet. It cries when it’s hungry, poops and pees, and eventually evolves if you take good care of it. The virtual pet also “dies” if it goes ignored or uncared for.

While almost every ’90s kids had a Tamagotchi (sometimes even more than one), it was eventually discontinued as Bandai stopped releasing new versions and the generation moved on to other new toys.

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, however, Bandai has re-released the original model of their Tamagotchis from 1996. The new Tamagotchis include all 6 original pets, and while the software remains virtually untouched, the hardware itself is half the size.

Bandai’s original six characters for the Tamagotchi.
The new Tamagotchi (right) is half the size of the original.

The new Tamagotchis sold out in Japan as soon as they were released as people scrambled to buy a piece of nostalgia.

Unfortunately for international ’90s kids who want a piece of nostalgia, the new Tamagotchi is only available in Japan for now. Older versions are, of course, still being sold on various online shopping sites, but there is no news as of yet regarding an international release.

Source: Mashable