A Teenager And A Professional Makeup Artist Went Head To Head—Who Did It Better?

They both did a graduation makeup look.

YouTube channel 파우더룸& POWDERROOM& recently uploaded a video comparing graduation makeup done by two people: a teenager and a professional makeup artist with 10 years of experience. Although the latter appeared to have the upper hand, the teenager didn’t go down without a fight!

The two had notably different techniques. The teenager, for instance, skipped out on the skincare stage while the makeup artist made sure to use two products.

The teenager’s makeup routine emphasized youthful products and trendy techniques. She used BB cream instead of foundation, and she added glittery eyeshadow on the model’s lids.

On the other hand, the makeup artist with 10 years of experience didn’t disappoint. She strategically applied blush on the model, making sure it suited her face shape.

At the end of the day, however, both versions were stunning! The teenager chose to do a more trendy graduation look while the professional makeup artist chose to enhance the model’s natural features.

Watch the entire video below!

Source: 파우더룸& POWDERROOM&