TEMPEST Proves Their Phenomenal Dance Talent In Recent Cover Dances

Their talent is undeniable.

TEMPEST debuted on March 2nd of this year with the album It’s Me, It’s We. Their title track, “Bad News,” was well-received by fans, and the rookie group is already well on their way to showing the industry their immense talent and charisma.

As part of their promotions for “Bad News,” TEMPEST participated in a “Freezetag Dance” episode with the YouTube channel “Gems.”

For the “Freezetag Dance” episodes, groups dance to their title track, and at specific points in the dance, the staff will tell them to freeze before calling out one member’s name.

| Gems/YouTube

The member called can then use the time until everyone is “un-frozen” to move their members. Whichever member was moved the most at the end of the dance receives a penalty.

| Gems/YouTube  

But the channel ‘Gems” also gives the members the opportunity to highlight their dance by first performing cover dances to popular K-Pop songs. For their “welcoming dance ceremony,” TEMPEST covered a variety of different songs, showing off their impressive dance skills.

First, LEW, TEMPEST’s leader, did an impressive cover of SEVENTEEN‘s “Mansae.” He showed off his sharp moves, high energy, and adorable charms.

TEMPEST’s LEW | Gems/YouTube  

TEMPET’s maknae, Taerae, then performed his cover of NCT DREAM‘s “Hot Sauce.” Taerae was smiling brightly before showing off his duality as he got into the dance, performing clean isolations despite the challenging choreography.

TEMPEST’s Taerae | Gems/YouTube  

Hyeongseop performed a perfect cover of BTS‘s “I Need U.” Hyeongseop maintained his composure and charisma throughout the choreography even as his members cheered loudly.

TEMEPST’s Hyeongseop | Gems/YouTube  

Members Hyuk and Eunchan then teamed up to perform EXO‘s iconic “CALL ME BABY” together. Complete with formations, the two idols stayed synchronized, showing off their clean, sharp moves.

TEMPEST’s Eunchan (left) and Hyuk (right) | Gems/YouTube  

Hanbin was all smiles as he performed his cover of BTS’s upbeat “IDOL.” Hanbin’s smile, energy, charisma, and the incredible dynamics of his dancing understandably had his members cheering enthusiastically in the background.

TEMPEST’s Hanbin | Gems/YouTube  

Finally, TEMPEST’s main dancer, Hwarang, took the center to pull off a flawless cover of EXO’s “Love Shot.” Hwarang’s dance expertise is undeniable as he perfectly performed all the small details of EXO’s popular choreography.

TEMPEST’s Hwarang | Gems/YouTube  

Fans can look forward to what more charms TEMPEST will be able to share in the future.

You can watch the full video of TEMPEST’s covers here.

And their “Freezetag Dance” video here.