TEMPEST Are Such Big Fans Of TREASURE, They Recognized “JIKJIN” By The Sound Of Its First Two Seconds

Fanboy alert!

The members of TEMPEST may already have their own legion of fans, but they’re also fanboys themselves! They proved in an episode of Arirang‘s After School Club that they look up to many groups, one of them being TREASURE.

TEMPEST | @TPST__official/Twitter
TREASURE | @kpop_sbs/Twitter

TEMPEST, composed of Hanbin, LEW, Hyungseob, Taerae, Hwarang, Bonhyuk, and Eunchan, played a “Song Quiz” game where they rushed to be the first to guess the song being played aloud.

The one that got them most excited was arguably TREASURE’s latest title track, “JIKJIN,” from their album THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE. The moment they heard the opening melody, Eunchan raised his hand and claimed the right to go first.

The other members—especially LEW—recognized the song from its first two seconds as well but had to adhere to the rules of first-come-first-serve.

Eunchan answered correctly and earned his status as a certified TREASURE Maker! The other TEMPEST members teased LEW for not going first, saying that “JIKJIN” was something he “should’ve known instantly.” They even danced to the steering wheel point choreography while talking.

Hwarang added that it was fate that TREASURE’s latest title track was chosen. Apparently, the members of TEMPEST all enjoy listening to it.

Wow, it just had to be this song.

— Hwarang

They were also unsurprised that it was Eunchan who guessed first considering that he’s the one who loves “JIKJIN” the most.

Bonhyuk: It’s Eunchan’s destiny.

Hwarang: Eunchan happens to listen to this song most these days.

If you haven’t yet, check out the music video for “JIKJIN” below to see why TEMPEST likes it so much.

Source: YouTube