TFBoys’ Roy Wang Under Fire After Being Caught Smoking

The video has over 1 billion views.

TFBoys‘ member Roy Wang (also known as Wang Yuan) was recently caught smoking in a video. He is considered one of the most influential teens in China, and is part of the biggest boy band in China. He was caught smoking during a 520 banquet in Beijing. 520 means May 20, which is the unofficial second Valentine’s Day in China.

After he was caught smoking, the video immediately went viral on Weibo with over 1 billion views. He is seen smoking while having dinner with Chinese actor Jia Nailiang and Rocket Girls‘ member Yang Chaoyue.

He is not a minor as he is now 18 years old, so this is not why people are angry. Beijing banned smoking in social indoor places in 2015, meaning that Roy Wang had actually broken the law when caught smoking. He has since been fined for smoking in an indoor place.

Many are upset since he is very influential and is showing a bad image and many consider it inappropriate that he is smoking knowing this.

Roy Wang posted a statement to his Weibo, apologizing for his actions.

I’m very sorry. This issue has made me reflect on my actions and how many impact my actions have. I am both sorry and ashamed. I sincerely apologize for showing a bad example. I will take all responsibility and accept the consequences of my actions. Since I am a public figure, I will pay more attention to my actions and my words. I hope nobody will follow into my wrongful actions. I apologize, and I will use this as an opportunity to learn to be a better person.

– Roy Wang


Source: Phoenix News
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