Thai Actor, Great, Helps Trend “I LISA YOU” And Invites Others To Join The Fandom

Lisa’s number one fan is at it again.

Thai actor and singer, Great Sapol Assawamunkong is a member of the group Boyfriends and is also known for his roles in The Destiny of Love (Prom Pissawat), Inhuman Kiss, and Manner of Death. It is well known among the Thai drama/T-Pop community that he is an avid fan of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. He is one of several Thai actors who have gone to a BLACKPINK fan sign event.

Just a few hours ago, the actor updated his Instagram with a selfie of him in an “I LISA YOU” sweater. This skyrocketed “I LISA YOU” to the #1 trending hashtag in Thailand and helped it rise in other countries as well.

| @grtsp/Instagram
Trends in Thailand | @lilieshome_/Twitter

His post inspired other actors and his fellow Boyfriends members to join the fandom as he prompted their comments.

“Number 1 BLINK. Teach them.” | @grtsp/Instagram
“The truest BLINK 55 (haha).” | @grtsp/Instagram
Peem: “Oh, T-Shirt.” Great: “Would you like one?” | @grtsp/Instagram

Fans were excited about the other actors possibly getting into the BLINK fandom and also used the opportunity to promote voting for Lisa in the Bousnid Awards.

Source: @lalalisa_m


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