A Mastermind Overlays His Art on BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Cover of “Swalla”

The art makes Lisa’s already epic cover so hype.

Do you remember Lisa‘s crazy cover of Jason Derulo‘s “Swalla” that circulated around Twitter and went viral? The cover is so epic that it currently has over 7 million views.

Well, an artist that goes by the name of “thekidzzzzz” recently uploaded his version of the video on his Instagram page, and it’s pretty mindblowing.

On February 11, this artist uploaded a video of Lisa dancing to Jason Derulo’s “Swalla”, but what was different about it was that it had his art overlaid on top.

The art consists of fluorescent colors that appear to be glowing which adds a very magical and surreal touch to the already epic cover.

And that’s not the only BLACKPINK video that he decorated with his beautiful art. He recently uploaded a short clip of BLACKPINK’s “Forever Young” with the same kind of drawings added on top of a dance practice video.

Since this artist seems to be a BLACKPINK fan, here’s hoping for more beautiful art pieces of the group in the future.


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